Rockay Razer

Best sock for trail running

Shoulder-season runs can be a mixed bag, but Jackson Pollock-style layers of mud splotches—and blisters from the ensuing grit—are usually a given. So we were surprised when we peeled back this thin pair of socks to find our feet (relatively) clean after a 20-mile run on Tiger Mountain in the Cascade foothills. Credit the Razer’s tight-yet-thin knit that kept out the yucky stuff, while still being stretchy enough to prevent slippage. Not only did our pair not bag out, but testers noted that it still looked and felt like new after a season of use. Eco-bonus: The Razer is made from 100 percent recycled materials (51 percent nylon, 45 percent polyamide, and 4 percent elastane).

$29; 1.8 oz.; m’s S-XL, w’s S-XL Backpacker

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