Flylow Super Mitten

Warmest mitten

Mitts can be saviors in extreme cold, but usually sacrifice dexterity for warmth. Not so with the Super Mitten, which retains that cold resistance while staying slim enough that you can tour without feeling like you’re wearing boxing gloves. A Goldilocks-level mix of 240 grams of synthetic PrimaLoft Black Eco—toasty, but not too bulky—on the back of the hand and 120 grams on the palm kept us comfortable down to the low teens. Such carefully targeted insulation let us get a solid grip when we choked up on our ski poles for steep climbs, and even adjust our goggles or backpack straps without exposing our digits. On tours up Colorado’s Caribou Pass and Klondike Mountain, the Super Mitten’s nylon-canvas back shrugged off tree branches without snagging, while the pigskin palm and thumb deflected ski edges like Kevlar. A proprietary waterproof-breathable membrane sealed out slush.

$90; 8 oz. (M); unisex XS-XL Backpacker

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