GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

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The breezy comfort of a back-porch rocking chair is now wilderness-ready. For car camping, it doesn’t get any better than the Freestyle Rocker: One editor took the Freestyle to a dispersed National Forest camping area adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park and declared it a revolution for camp lounging. The secret to this homestyle appeal? Each back leg of the chair incorporates what looks like a shock absorber; coupled with a pivot point in the base of the chair, it results in a fluid rocking motion, not unlike a traditional rocker. A mesh back ventilates your back on hot days, while an incorporated drink-holder easily nests a can and most sizes of bottles. Yes, it does take some muscle to unfold it (it snaps easily into place after that’s done), but then you just have to set it on flat ground and kick back in ultimate, smooth-rocking leisure. Caveats: This chair is not light (just shy of 12 pounds), even though it folds flat it doesn’t pack small. But, hey, you’re car camping, right? And the rare, rockable rewards will motivate you to make it work.

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Amanda Cooper
The chair is supercomfortable and so nice to have out in the woods. I’m someone who always like to be moving, so even sitting next to the fire and being able to rock is awesome. It was also easy to set up and tear down. However, it was a bit cumbersome to pack and move around in the car. I took the chair out with me to a few car camping excursions and a few picnics. It was rainy for one and took a long time to dry, but in dry conditions it did great. It also has the ability to be on uneven ground and still be stable

Libby Di Sesa
Pulling the Rocker out of the package, my first impression was that it was a bit heavy, weighing in at just under 12 pounds. But it’s not too heavy to comfortably carry, and is an expected size for a car camping/tailgating chair. It folds up easily with a pull/carrying handle and tucks in flat for easy trunk packing. The seat is wide, measuring 21 inches across. The canvas that stretches across the steel frame extends high for considerable back support, and is noticeably sturdy as soon as you take a seat. The best part: when you sit back and begin to rock gently. The motion is smooth and extremely relaxing. According to the measurements, the seat supports up to 250 pounds, so I feel bad for bigger campers. A higher weight capacity would be key. Everyone deserves this level of comfort in the outdoors.

https://www.backpacker.com/gear/gci-outdoor-freestyle-rocker Backpacker

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