A Nutritionist Judges Your Favorite Hiking Foods

Are these common backpacking snacks good for you?

Some foods are backpacking classics—those treats you may steer clear of at home, but always make it into your pack for a morale boost on the trail. Backpackers have long reached for processed foods because they’re cheap, convenient, and damn tasty. We asked Aaron Owens Mayhew, the dietician behind Backcountry Foodie, to weigh in on some hiker staples from a health perspective. 

These affordable and convenient noodles get the stamp of approval from Owens Mayhew—but the included spice packet, not so much. While the noodles provide much needed carbs after a day on the trail, the seasoning mix is chock-full of artificial ingredients and copious amounts of sodium. She suggests enhancing plain noodles with healthier additions, such as in this Garlic Parmesan Ramen

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