MSR Habitude 4

Most durable frontcountry tent

This tent is designed to handle whatever you throw at it: rough campsites, bad weather, boisterous occupants, anything. Durability helps soften the sticker shock, and one tester says that the double-walled Habitude’s 68-denier polyester floor was unaffected by rocky ground in Arizona’s Coconino National Forest. He reports that his 3-year-old son was no match for the stainless-steel zippers, which are built to endure the wear-and-tear of repeated family use. He also praised the tent’s sturdy frame, which uses three hubbed poles. (We found setup time to be about 5 minutes with two people.) The 6-foot-tall Habitude and its 62.5-square-foot floorplan allowed our 6’5” tester to sit up fully and sleep with his legs extended. It held up without issue in 40-mph gusts on the Grand Mesa in Colorado, and the full-length rainfly kept us dry. Tradeoffs: The Habitude sacrifices ventilation for increased storm protection (we had to remove the fly completely on a 75°F day to cool down the tent), and setup is best with two people given the tent’s height and multitude of poles.

$500; 12 lbs. 10 oz.; 4-person Backpacker

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