Eureka! Copper Canyon LX 4

Most spacious

In search of a true home away from home? You’re in luck: The Copper Canyon is one of the biggest, most cabin-like new tents on the market. With 64 square feet of floor space, palatial, 7-foot-high ceilings, and four zippered windows, it’s made for those who might prefer cots and air mattresses to sleeping pads. “I don’t even have to duck when entering,” one 6’ tester says. The floorplan affords each sleeper plenty of shoulder space, as well as room between their feet and the entryway. Steel corner poles, pole sleeves, and four guy-out points provide stability in moderate wind, while a small rainfly covers the mesh top of the tent adequately in mild storms. The zip-up storm windows are waterproof, as well. (The rest of the body is single-wall.) This setup allows for great breathability and ventilation—testers reported no condensation on 30°F nights in Rabbit Valley, Colorado. Setup is straightforward, but most people will need to be on their tippy toes to secure the rainfly. Caveats: At more than 17 pounds, you won’t carry this tent far, plus there’s no vestibule and only one door.

$250; 17 lbs. 8 oz.; 4-person Backpacker

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