Small-Time Spotlight: PackTowl Nano

This ultralight item boasts outsize convenience.

This minimalist cloth might have the best weight-to-utility ratio of anything in my kit. The PackTowl Nano weighs less than an ounce and scrunches to the size of a large strawberry in its stuff sack, but I’ve used it to, among other things: 

– Dry off after a dip in a lake

– Sop up a hot chocolate spill on my sleeping bag (oops)

– Tie a broken pack lid down

– Cover my eyes when a full moon and a gauzy tent fly conspired to keep me awake (I’m a crazy light sleeper)

It dries in 20 minutes when left in the sun, and is extremely absorbent for its unnoticeable bulk. You can bet that I occasionally forget my headlamp or camp shoes, but the Nano always makes it into my pack.

$10; 0.9 oz.; Buy the PackTowl Nano now Backpacker

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