Deal of the Week: Gregory Paragon 58 / Maven 55

If you only have room in your budget for one pack, this jack-of-all-trades can handle almost everything.

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As great as having a quiver of packs is, there’s a special place in our hearts for the do-everything pack: those Goldilocks packs that are big enough to haul weight, but light enough to make miles. That’s the Paragon 58 (women’s Maven 55) in a nutshell: Despite weighing in at less than four pounds, its hollowed-out aluminum frame and a hipbelt padded with 3D-molded EVA foam let it haul above its weight class. It’s durable, too. “I don’t baby packs,” one tester said. “I throw them on the ground, sit on them, overstuff them. After trips in the Rockies and Colombia, the Paragon looks like it will handle many more seasons of this kind of treatment.” Bonus: Use the hydration sleeve as a daypack. Buy the Gregory Paragon 58 now for $173 (25% off) / Buy the Gregory Maven 55 now for $196 (15% off) Backpacker

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