Lily Trotters Compression Socks

You can feel the compression as soon as you pull them on, but they’re not too tight for all-day use

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BACKPACKER Gear 360 Review

These socks strike a balance between support and comfort—you can feel the compression as soon as you pull them on, but they’re not too tight for all-day use. That’s a great combination because we’ve long been fans of compression socks for reducing muscle fatigue and boosting recovery, but you need to wear them during and after your hike or run to get maximum benefit. The just-right fit of Lily Trotters makes them easy to put on and keep on, and the compression was effective in staving off swelling on a hot hike in Great Sand Dunes National Park. Other than the two cups of sand our tester dumped out of her shoes afterward, her feet stayed happy and didn’t overheat. (A 93 percent nylon content aids wicking; the rest is elastane.)

Light cushioning under the foot adds a subtle—but appreciated—bonus. “I wore these socks for my first hike of the season near Twin Lakes, Colorado, and though I was dragging after 10 miles, I felt no soreness the next day, even after sitting in the car for four hours afterward,” our skills editor says. The socks come in two lengths: crew ($25) and knee-high ($40). We like the crew length for shorter or less strenuous missions, while the knee-length version excels on longer outings, when we want maximum compression. And they come in a variety of patterns and colors. We like the new Over-the-Moon style (pictured). And while these socks showed a few pulled threads after a few outings, after numerous washes they’re still as comfy and snug as the day we first put them on.

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Jackie Wesch
The feel of these socks is awesome. Brand new, they stayed pulled up really well on my very small calves. I wore these socks on a long 14-mile hike in the Soapstone Prairie Natural Area in Colorado. They definitely kept my ankles from swelling during this long hike. The compression is just the right tightness, so I didn’t feel like tearing them off after walking for several hours. It was only after several times of wearing without washing that they began to fall (usually a half-inch to three-quarters of an inch) not long after I began each hike, so it’s best to wash them between long outings to maintain fit. Since these socks have some thickness to them, they made every shoe I wore feel comfortable and blisters were never an issue. After a hike here in Nebraska, with the humidity at over 75 percent, these socks felt wet but not soaked (as the rest of my clothes did) when I took them off, so I would say they are great at wicking away sweat.

Debbie Turner
I thought the knee-high version of these socks would be uncomfortable and hot here in Florida but they have been great! I was surprised at the breathability and wicking, especially since I was wearing them in 96°F and very humid weather while volunteering at a local wolf sanctuary. They’re very comfortable, and the support is noticeable but not too tight or constricting. The compression actually feels soothing, kind of like a gentle leg and foot hug while you have them on. Backpacker

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