Gear of the Week: Morankiv Floating Serrated Knife

This lightweight blade plays well on the water.

Our take Paddling trips require their own special set of gear, and this knife from Morakniv is a great addition to your kit. A cork handle allows it to float if you drop it in the drink, and isn’t too slippery when wet. Our tester loved that while making dinner, he could let the knife float while rinsing his hands in his favorite backcountry fishing hole in California (and no, he won’t reveal the spot). The 4-inch, serrated blade is sharp enough to cut through fishing line and trail food packaging, and it’s useful for cleaning fish. An included clip-on sheath straps easily to a pack, vest, or belt.

Trail cred “I love the rounded tip, as I didn’t have to worry about it puncturing my inflatable raft while I prepared lunch on the river,” one tester says.

$24; 3.2 oz.; Buy the Morakniv Floating Serrated Knife Now Backpacker

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